How to maintain constant event flow rate in a Filebeat -> Logstash -> HTTP POST pipeline?

I'm relatively new to the Elastic ecosystem, so please excuse my ignorance. I have a use-case to use Filebeat to read application log files on VM1 then forward them to Logstash on VM2 and finally Logstash on VM2 forwards them to an Application on VM3 via HTTP POST. I do not have control on the number of logs being written to the log files on VM1. I want to know the most efficient and recommended configuration that allows a constant flow of events in the Filebeat -> Logstash -> HTTP endpoint pipeline with as little as possible spike in CPU/Memory usage on any of the servers, should there be any burst of logs on VM1. I have read about the back-pressure feature between Filebeat and Logstash and curious if I can configure something in the Logstash conf files that only forwards the "next" event/log to the HTTP endpoint only if it received a "200 OK" for the "previous" event/log. I don't know if this is something that is already enabled/supported by-default so I wanted to check with the community for expert advice on the topic.

Thank you!

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