How to make Filebeat 6.4.1 read custom application logs?

Hello, I am new into this ELK stuff. I have question: how to make filebeat read custom log (for example vmware log) and send it to logstash?

I already read the guide and I am quite clueless. Do I need make new custom modules for the custom application logs? or i just need set up configuration on yml so filebeat can read the file?

I already set the path into the logs path in my yml, but it's not working.

Thank you for your attention

Could you post the relevant snippet from your filebeat.yml file, please? Also check that the enabled field is set to true in that section.

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sorry for the late reply. you are right. the enabled was set to false. after turn it into true, filebeat start read custom applications logs.
thank you for your help.

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