How to move ruby code from logstash.conf into ingest pipeline?

I've a logstash configuration file which contains ruby code.
How can I script the ruby part of the logstash filter in ingest pipeline?

It's a server with filebeat.
All part except the ruby code I "moved" into the ingest pipline definition.


filter {
csv {
columns => ['BL','MA',OffsetByte,'LengthByte']
separator => ";"
autogenerate_column_names => false
mutate {
add_field => { "my_stats" => "%{path}" }
convert => {
"LengthByte" => "integer"
ruby {
code => "
stats ='my_stats'), event.get('LengthByte'), event.get('OffsetByte') )
linecount = stats.scan(/\n/).count
event.set('Statistics', stats[0..-(linecount+1)])


Ingest node pipelines do not support Ruby, so the only way I can think of would be to try and move this logic into a painless script.

I'll give a try

"filters": [
"ruby": {
"code": "stats ='path_stats'), event.get('LengthByte'),event.get('OffsetByte')) linecount = stats.scan(/\n/).count event.set('Statistics', stats[0..-(linecount+1)])"

later more, when tested -> cannot access Input file via Pipeline, so this is not a solution

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