How to output to multiple http endpoints

Folllowing is the output section of my config file,

output {

if [type] == "product_log" {
http {
url => ""
http_method => "post"
format => "json"
headers => [
'Authorization', 'Basic sdfdfaefdafewfdfdfa'

Now I want to send the same data to another https receiver while keeping the above as it is. In simple terms I need to publish same data to multiple http places. How do I achieve above.

Just add another http { ... } block to your output block.

Thanks for the quick reply. But to clarify I have two more questions,
1)If the newly added one fails, will it fail the whole thing in the next run.
2)if it doesn't will the two http receivers will receive the same data?\

All events will be sent to all outputs. The general rule is that a single output that can't send data will halt the entire pipeline, but plugins could decide to drop events is there are problems. The http output will retry network-related problems but I don't think it cares if the HTTP server that responds to its requests returns an error.

Thank you for the answer, Could you please have a look on {:timestamp=>"2017-11-29T06:07:47.853000+0000", :message=>"SIGTERM received. Shutting down the pipeline.", :level=>:warn}

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