How to parse ccda raw xml file using logstash

Dear All.

i have some use to parse or directly point Elasticsearch to query DSL on top of raw ccda xml file.

below is the demo ccdaraw.xml file link:
link raw CCDA.xml file

Note : we have huge number of raw CCDA.xml file and we want to query DSL directly or we can create seperate index like :- demography ,medication ,result so on.....

Note : - this is very useful for healthcare industries and we are facing this issue please some help about this .


Have you tried using an xml filter?

Hi @Badger.


I tried but not success !!!

below is code for finding :

input {
file {
path => "D:/RameshKumar/ccdnew.xml"
sincedb_path => "CCD.xml" #removed "NULL" >AND ADDED FILE NAME
start_position => beginning

filter {
xml {
store_xml => false
source => "message"
target => "" #ADDED

xpath =>
"/ClinicalDocument/documentInfo/source/text()", "sourcedata",



output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => ["localhost:9200"]
index => "healthdata11"
codec => rubydebug

but we want to parse all tags content like result,medication,demography etc....


Set store_xml => true and set a value for target.

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