How to parse the log using grok to get the key value pairs from the log, and have the key as a new field

(Sanjay) #1

{"apiResponse":"{"errors":[{"code":"APP-1007","message":"Session has Expired.","fields":null}],"warnings":null}","requestUrl":"http://localhost:8082/checkSessionValidity"}

This is how the message looks like, I want to know how do i parse apiResponse and requestUrl and create the new fields and have their corresponding values

"_apiResponse": "{"errors":[{"code":"APP-1007","message":"Session has Expired.","fields":null}],"warnings":null}"

"_requestUrl": "http://localhost:8082/checkSessionValidity"

I am new to grok filter, sorry if this is a basic question

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

This looks like a JSON string, so try using the json filter instead of grok.

(system) #3

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