How to present table, based on multiline xml fields


I'm struggling with creating simple table in lens, which could present my data from ingested, multiline xml file. Basically I don't need to apply any aggregations. I'm wondering if there is any kind of solution?

My xml structure:


<run for="00:00:39.891" aj="17-06-2021 14:29:04" sq="17-06-2021 14:29:44" opr="521703952" st="OK" ald="1" wf="wf_XXXX_XX_X_X"/>

<run for="00:01:05.056" aj="17-06-2021 14:28:04" sq="17-06-2021 14:29:09" opr="421703960" st="NOK" ald="2" wf="wf_XXXX_XXXXXXXXX_XX_X_X"/>

<run for="00:00:14.279" aj="17-06-2021 14:28:04" sq="17-06-2021 14:28:18" opr="221703474" st="OK" ald="2" wf="wf_XXXX_XXXXXXXXX_XX_X_X"/>


My logstash config just reads "message" filed and based on that, creates new text fields for all xml entries using this naming convention:, ingested fields are multiline:

else if "xml_input" in [tags] {
    xml { 
      source => "message" 
      target => "xml" 

I also tried to apply some datatype conversion in grok / mutate but seems like it does not move me closer towards resolution..

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