How to put Geo_type mapping with JsonObject

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Hi all ,does everyone knows how to use :
IndexResponse createData(Client client, String jsonObject,
String index, String type, String id);
to put Geo_type and other mappings?
I used Map resolve this issue,but I also don't know how to save PolygonBuilder to a Object and then Object to json, and then put json to Elasticsearch, if u see this issue, pls tell how to do it.Thank you very much!

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I don't really understand what you are trying to do, could you please try to expand your explanation, maybe adding some pseudo-code with what you are trying to.

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Failed to execute phase [query], all shards failed; shardFailures {[eQoH4XkNTUutOsYZZsTVcA][landsat8][0]: RemoteTransportException[[eQoH4Xk][][indices:data/read/search[phase/query]]]; nested: QueryShardException[Field [polygon] is not of type [geo_shape] but of type [text]];
kibana shows:
"polygon" : """
"type" : "polygon",
"orientation" : "right",
"coordinates" : [
I don't know how to put geo_type use JavaCode.
There is two problems:

  1. how to put mapping geo_type from a JsonObject?

     Location location = new Location;
     PolygonBuilder polygonBuilder = new PolygonBuilder(coordinate);
     String json = JSON.toJSONString(location);
     client.prepareIndex(index, type,id)
             .setSource(json, XContentType.JSON).get()
     All the properties in location is String, and I put json to ES, polygon type is text. I need type geo_shape to do some intersection.

I can use mapping and update to solve this, but I think there is another way.
2. how to put a geo_type polygon from a JsonObject?
how can I put a JsonObject to put it?
class Location{
private String polygon;
or I need to do like this :
class Location{
private PolygonBuilder polygon;
but if like this,I can't do polygon to json.
pls tell me how to do this. thank you very much!
And thank for your patient~

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You probably did not define a mapping when you indexed your first document.
So the current mapping contains a polygon field with a text type.

You need to fix the mapping.

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Can I use JavaCode to define a mapping?
Or just can define a mapping use kibana?

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Both are possible.

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If I define a mapping is not text, Can I use JsonObject to put to ES?
Thank you for your answer.

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If I have a json like this: {"extractType":"dsafa","filePath":"123","location":"154"},I used client.prepareIndex(index, type,id) .setSource(json, XContentType.JSON).get()
it just can define the type text.If I fix the mapping, I can't put json by this way.

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I don't understand the full picture TBH. Could you share a full example of what you are doing and what the recent problem is?

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`class MTL{
private String polygon;

    private String polygon;

    private String id;
MTL mtl = new MTL();
PolygonBuilder polygonBuilder = new PolygonBuilder(coordinate);
String str = JSON.toJSONString(mtl);
client.prepareIndex(index, type,id)
            .setSource(str, XContentType.JSON).get();

I get the mapping is String,not geo_shape.If I fixed the mapping to geo_shape,I can't put it to ES.

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I can't reproduce anything with that. You should share a full demo project on Github.

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