How to put Kibana 5.4.1 behind Apache proxy

Hi There,

I have made the following changes but Apache is not redirecting to Kibana and Kibana is also still directly accessible via 5601 port.
My change details below:

Added following line in kibana.yml:
erver.basePath: "/kibana"

Added following in apache config:
<Location /kibana/>
ProxyPass http://localhost:5601/
ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:5601/

Can you check if this post helps you?


Thanks LeeDr!

That worked. However, Kibana is still accessible via the original Kibana URL i.e. ip:5601.

How do I stop that? The purpose to put behind a proxy is security , if Kibana stays directly accessible that'll be of no use. Appreciate any help.


In your kibana.yml do you have this? "localhost"

That's the default value. That means Kibana will only listen on localhost. That also means you can reach it using http://localhost:5601 but only on that machine. And the proxy has to be able to reach Kibana so it has to listen on some IP. But only the proxy should be reachable from a connection on another machine.

If you've set to some other value, like the IP address of the machine, or, then it will be reachable from another machine.

Great! Thanks LeeDr.

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