How to read avro records from kafka using logstash

I am trying to read avro records from a kafka topic using logstash.
below is my config:

kafka {
bootstrap_servers =>"test123"
topics => ["abc123"]
group_id => "abc123-cg1"
auto_offset_reset => "latest"

codec => avro {
        schema_uri => "/app/logstash-7.0.0/schemas/abc/abc_schema_writer.avsc"

jaas_path => "/app/logstash-7.0.0/zookeeper-jaas_abc.conf"
sasl_kerberos_service_name => "kafka"
kerberos_config => "/app/kn00/logstash-7.0.0/krb5.conf"
#sasl_mechanism => "PLAIN"
security_protocol => "SASL_SSL"
ssl_truststore_location => "/app/hdp_conf/kafka-security-abc.jks"
ssl_truststore_password => ""


output {
#stdout { codec => rubydebug }
stdout{ codec => json }


I am expecting json value as output , but it is giving empty output.
there is no issue with my avro schema since I am using the same from other application.

is there any issue with my code in logstash?I am new to avro formats

thanks for reading and helping.

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