How to read local0 files in unix using filebeat

Hello Everyone,

I have some applications writing the logs to & file in UNIX servers.

I have to read the log content from above files using filebeat.yml and send the same to Logstash.

We can't read them using the dedicated path as "/Path/" as there is no such dedicated/regular path for the local files in unix system..

Could you please help me how to read/configure the input section as i am not able to find the exact path for local files (if there is any)

or if there is any other way to read the local file content directly using filebeat.


Seems we have only solution for this, We have to use syslog service to write/route the local file content to any dedicated path and should read using filebeat.

Syslog config looks like: /var/log/messages

then read /var/log/messages file using filebeat.yml..

Though this solution doesn't meet my requirements, unfortunately this is the only way we have :frowning:

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