How to read logs contineously from azure evnet hub

Hie Everyone,

I have an integration where I have to read logs that are generated/store in azure event hub.

Will the below configuration will read logs as an when new log is generated in the hub ?
If now what I'm looking for is , If a new log is generated in azureeventhub I want the logs to be reflected in elasticsearch in no time. how can that be achieved ?

input {
   azure_event_hubs {
     config_mode => "advanced"
     threads => 2
     decorate_events => true
     consumer_group => "test123"
                 event_hubs => [
        {"audit" => {
         event_hub_connection => "Endpoint=sb://;SharedAccessKeyName=AuditLogsSASPolicy;SharedAccessKey=abcfdjrlgjjutlkakjakmnkijj=;EntityPath=audit"
                initial_position => "beginning"


Thanks is advance.

Anusha K

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