How to refer to subfield in logstash

I have following logstash conf snippet, but it doesn't work. I got the idea of subfield from this stackoverflow thread. How can I make it to work? I am trying to split the http_refer field in my access log. Thanks.

filter { 
kv {
  source => "@message[http_referer]"
  field_split => "&?"
  value_split => "="
  add_tag => "splited"


Does help?

Yeah, great resource. I should have finished all the docs first just no so enough time...

A short answer for someone who didn't find on stackoverflow or come from Google, you can reference to a field name by [field_name].
You can omit the [ ] if it's top level field.
In nested situation/ sub field, use [level1][level2] syntax to reference.
If you want to refer to the value inside a string, use the "%{[level1][level2]}" syntax.
Can be a little confused it you are not used to the syntax.


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