How to remove Metricbeat default fields

I am using metricbeat for system monitoring.
However, that gives some default fields beat.hostname, etc, which I dont want.
How to remove those?


Processors can remove fields.

Is it possible to remove the 'rtt' field from each of the metrics? If so, how is this accomplished?

Is the format as follows in MetricBeats.yml?

  • drop_fields:
    fields: "rtt"

I have tried the above and also ["rtt"] and it still not removing the rtt field and data when viewing data in Kinesis Analytics

The field is metricset.rtt. So try

- drop_fields:
    fields: ['metricset.rtt']

or equivalently:

- drop_fields.fields: ['metricset.rtt']

Awesome, worked great. Thanks!

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