How to rename a field after extracting it from another field

kv {  
                      source => "remain"
                      field_split => ","
                       value_split => "="                }
 mutate {
                         rename => ["USERNAME", "" ]

I am using KV filter to extract fields from 'remain' field , which is working good. But then I want to rename the filed 'USERNAME' which is extracted from the 'remain'

Do you want a period in the field name, or do you want a nested field, which would be [user][name].

What makes you think it is not currently working?

When i renamed the field to '' no such field is created in elasticsearch

I am trying to map the fields in my logs , with the ECS fields. My logs contain a field 'USERNAME' which i am extracting using KV filter . I want to rename it as '' so that it populates in the SIEM app of elasticsearch

I have exact same syntax and it works.
how is your output looks like?
I didn't like (y) so I change the name.

mutate { rename => ["hwage(y)","hardwareage_years"] }

It works fine while with grok. But when I use it with KV filter it is not working.

I am extracting 'USERNAME' field using KV filter . Then when I apply mutate to rename it , its not working

Guys please help me find solution.

Thank you @Badger @elasticforme for your response, the syntax was right . Actually my fieldname had space

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