How to restart individual pipelines?

I'm using Logstash 6.3. I've set up the pipelines.yml file to have multiple pipelines within one Logstash instance.

In our use case we have to change the configuration of each pipeline rather often. So far I just applied the change and Logstash noticed this change in the configuration which resulted in restarting the pipeline in question (leaving the rest of the pipelines alone).

I wonder, however, if there's any more efficient way to do this? Can I manually trigger a single pipeline restart somehow? Through a curl command perhaps?

I'm asking because when I change the configuration sometimes it requires mere seconds to restart, other times it takes minutes for Logstash to initiate the restart process, despite the fact that all the pipelines are running with the exact same configuration. Thus I would like to rather tell Logstash to restart a pipeline instead of waiting for it to do so on its own.

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