How to run heartbeat in detached (non-interactive) mode


I have installed heartbeat in a virtual machine in Azure Portal. I am trying to start the heartbeat from my system terminal using SSH. But if I close my terminal it stops the heartbeat that's running in my remote virtual machine.

How can I run the heartbeat remotely without keeping my terminal open in my local system?

Thanks in advance!!!


There are multiple ways to keep the process running in background even after the terminal closure.

Here is the thread that goes in to detail on different ways. Hope this helps.



The more formal way to do it is install as a package on linux or a service on windows... there are instructions for that here

There are .dep and .rpm packages here

nohup is not actually guaranteed with beats at the low level go libraries, as far as I know that is still the case, perhaps that has changed...

See Here :

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++ I'd just use the packages as @stephenb recommends, which will install the correct systemd configs.

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