How to run the schedule every five minutes in Logstash 5.0?

I'm having a jdbc connection within my input in logstash where as I'm trying to execute the query according to the schedule property. I went through jdbc and rufus-scheduler, but still pretty unclear of what those five stars(*) represent individually.

As per my knowledge, the stars from left to right (* * * * *):

  1. minute
  2. hour
  3. from (month)
  4. to (month)
  5. day

So if it's a scenario as such (* * * * *), it represents to run the scheduler every minute. Hence if I'm to run it every five minutes, how the scheduler should look like? Something like (5 * * * *)?

Have I assumed it right? Or correct me if I'm wrong please.

See examples at


@magnusbaeck thank you :slight_smile:

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