How to save "total hits" results from a query, in a field

Hi, i 'm trying to using Logstash to send email.
I configure the input pipeline filter witha a query, i need to find all the document that contain ERROR in the message.

I do that.
in the output i want to user the total hits value that is contained in the query results, to create a condition : if "total_hits > 10" -> send me the email.

This is the pipeline :

  input {
      elasticsearch {
        hosts => ["https://***********:9200"]
              index => "tibcolog-gpf-*"
              query => '{"query": {"bool": {"filter": [{"bool": {"should": [{"match_phrase": {"logger_type": "ERROR"}}]}},{"range": {"@timestamp": {"format": "strict_date_optional_time","gte": "now-15m","lte": "now"}}}]}}}'
              ssl => true
              ssl_certificate_verification => false
              user => "logstash_writer"
              password => "**********"
              schedule => "*/15 * * * *"

  output {
    if [hits][total] > 10 {
        email {
        to => "********"
        address => "********"
        authentication => "plain"
        subject => "TEST ERROR"
        body => "Il Log in errore è:%{message}"
        port => "25"

My pipeline is on Kubernetes, it is running but it crash (restarting) when the query start .

is i remove the IF condition in the ooutput, it work good.
Somone can tell me how to use the hits for my case??


Does the field exist? See this thread.

No, the field (total hits) does not exist. i thought too that could be the error. But how i can save the total hits to a new field?

I can use a mutate filter with add_field but how can i populate it?
i hoped that there was a way to use the number of total_hits of the query output

I have no idea. If the elasticsearch query does not populate that field that I cannot say how you could create it from the event that the elasticsearch input creates.

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