How to see and store Filebeat and Elasticsearch processing time logs duration in separate fields in Kibana

Hello guys,

Being a newbie with ELK Suite I might be asking about something that is already answered even though I couldn't find an answer to my problem after a long search. So, my apologies on beforehand. Anyhow, I cannot find any appropriate entries, so any pointer will be appreciated.

I am currently displaying Apache Tomcat Server Logs and I need to add extra fields to it.

So my issue is that I'm trying to add two separate fields to my Kibana view, more exactly the time needed by Filebeat and Elasticsearch to process my logs.

EX :
o filebeatProcessingTime - needs to show the time needed by filebeat to process

o elasticsearchProcessingTime - needs to show the time needed by elasticsearch to process

From what I've found so far, I think I need to collect monitoring data, and add it to my logstash .conf file, but I can't find a way to do this.

My logstash.conf looks like this :

To be more precise, I need to output these two fields in my Kibana view for each log file right by the @timestamp field :

Thank you !

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