How to send synology device logs to elk

Do we need to install filbeat on Synology for sending logs to elk

I mean it really depends on how Synology stores their logs, if they have an option to ship them somewhere else.... If the logs are stored in files and u can install filebeat that would work. Else if u can send them over syslog, u could install filebeat on a different system.

How can we install filebeat on synology

I don't know that you can. I know for my qnap nas it runs a stripped down Linux version so you may be able to download the tar.gz of filebeat and run from source. Otherwise you'd probably have to have the nas send it's logs to another system using syslog and send to ES from there.

See if you can send syslog from Synology to logging agents.

Only the way I found to export the logs to any VM and fetch it from there to ELK.
Other than any solution??? Please let me know

Yea, Easiest is to just install log center on your Synology and use it to set up rsyslog forwarding to a Filebeat instance running on any other machine or VM

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