How to set variables in config logstash

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I need your help.
How to set this variables in the config of logstash?

ELASTIFLOW_NETFLOW_PORT The UDP port to listen on for Netflow messages 2055
ELASTIFLOW_ES_HOST The Elasticsearch host to which the output will send data
ELASTIFLOW_ES_USER The password for the connection to Elasticsearch elastic
ELASTIFLOW_ES_PASSWD The username for the connection to Elasticsearch changeme
ELASTIFLOW_GEOIP_DB_PATH The path where the GeoIP DBs are located /etc/logstash/geoipdbs
ELASTIFLOW_DICT_PATH The path where the dictionary files are located /etc/logstash/dictionaries
ELASTIFLOW_TEMPLATE_PATH The path to where index templates are located /etc/logstash/templates

I was try with diferente sintaxis, by, no work logstash services.

the reference to this questions is:

thanks in advanced

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