How to setup an alert for a failing livesness probe in kubernetes

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I installed metricbeats on kubernetes as explained here and get now a nice dashboard of the kubernetes status.
In kubernetes i use liveness probes to see if a pod is down.
Now i want to get alerted if liveness probes don't have success and the deployment of my microservice has problems.
How can i get alerted that there is a problem with the liveness of my pods.
If not what can be he alternative? I want to get alerted when my pods have problems. I am sure that metricbeats has all the data i need.


Hi @David_Michael_Gang,

You have this information in the following fields:
kubernetes.pod.status.phase and kubernetes.pod.status.ready, reported by state_pod metricset. If you have configured Metricbeat using our manifests along with kube-state-metrics it should be already working.

Phase and stauts are explained here:

In general you are probably looking to alert when kubernetes.pod.status.phase is pending or failed.

You can define alerts with Watcher, have a look to to deploy it, and for a nice UI to configure

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