How to Shutdown logstash once it read full file

logstash continuously reading file after reading full data from my CSV.

I want to shutdown my logstash once it read full file and want to run another logstash.

How can i stop logstash automatically once it read full data.

or is there anyway to run multiple conf files one after another.

Thanks in advance...........

You need to manually call LS with the path to the config file, there is nothing native that can do this.

It will help others on this forum to give you helpful suggestions if you explain what you have - data wise and what you want to achieve with it along with what you have tried already.

The answering kind of folk on this forum range from users with complex installations to Elastic Solution Architects to Elastic Software Engineers.

Thanks for your reply..

I want to stop logstash once it read full file.

Now it continuously reading file and checking for update.

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