How to specify different index name rather than the default?

Hello, guys,
I already had a es cluster, and many data in it. Now I want to stor a new nginx's access/error log to my es with filebeat+nginx module. I want the index to be the a new name such as nginx-log-20230118, rather than default name(filebeat-7.16.3***).

I tried changed the filebeat.yml file, but seems not work. Here is my config like:

setup.template.settings: "filebeat-nginx"
setup.template.pattern: "filebeat-nginx_*"
setup.template.enabled: false
setup.template.overwrite: true
    - index: "nginx_access-%{[beat.version]}-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}"
      when.contains: "access"
    - index: "nginx_error-%{[beat.version]}-%{+yyyy.MM.dd}"
      when.contains: "error"

When I run filebeats -e, log shows this:

2023-01-18T16:31:59.463+0800	INFO	[index-management]	idxmgmt/std.go:261	Auto ILM enable success.
2023-01-18T16:31:59.480+0800	INFO	[index-management.ilm]	ilm/std.go:170	ILM policy filebeat exists already.
2023-01-18T16:31:59.548+0800	INFO	[index-management.ilm]	ilm/std.go:126	Index Alias filebeat-7.16.3 exists already

And nginx log had stored in index filebeat-7.16.3.

Where is the problem?


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