How to specify multiple filters in cloudwatch plugin?

Hi all,
Just wonder if anybody have a working example of using more than one values in the cloudwatch plugin filters parameter? I have a situation where I need to specify a number of tags in the filters parameter in order to narrow down to the set of instances that I want to import Cloudwatch metrics from, following the documentation, specifying something simple like works fine:
filters => {"tag:Environment" => "test"}

When I tried filtered on multiple values like:
filters => [ {"tag:Environment" => "test"}, {"tag:Product" => "XYZ"}]
which is a valid syntax according to the document, I got an error back (seems to be an Amazon AWS error):

Error: expected string value for key name of member 1 of option filters
Exception: AWS::Core::OptionGrammar::FormatError

Cloudwatch plugin version: 2.0.0
Logstash version: 5.1.1


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