How to split one line document into several documents using logstash?

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First time poster here.

I have a document coming into logstash which is just one field that references different logs however it has come into elastic as just one line.

For example the string within the "message" field is the following : "deviceId": "hostname123", "IP address" : "", "device type" : "laptop"}]}}, "deviceid":"hostname124","IP address":""."device type" : "desktop"}]}},

This will go on the same line for about 10 devices when it should actual be a different document per device, at the end of the devices description there is alwaysthe characters }]}},

Is there a split I can do using something like regex within log stash where if new text comes after that characters }]}}, then put this into a different line / document?

I hope this makes sense!

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You could use mutate+split to convert the string to an array using "}]}}" as the separator. Then use a split filter to create one event per array entry.

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