How to start multiple Configuration in logstash

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I'm running my ELK in windows and i want to run multiple conf in single command how can i perform it and i tried below command but it takes last command only,

logstash.bat -f C:\Ganesh\ELK\logstash-6.6.1\logstash-6.6.1\config\server.conf -f C:\Ganesh\ELK\logstash-6.6.1\logstash-6.6.1\config\t24.conf -f C:\Ganesh\ELK\logstash-6.6.1\logstash-6.6.1\config\common.conf


Hi @Ganesh2303,

as far as I know that is not possible, at least with the main config file... What are the differences between the configs?

You could try using multiple pipelines or start several Logstash instances with individual config files.

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