How to transfer index from 1 node to a different node

OK, then I really have no idea either.

Is there any other option to get support to solve this problem.

What is the version of both clusters? The remote seemed to be running 6.5.1, right? But what about the other one?

Both servers run version 6.5.1

@Christian_Dahlqvist @dadoonet is there a problem using a wildcard in the index (from remote host) to get all indices of this month?

The exception you shared indicates that the remote server has rejected one or more search requests. It's possible that your cluster on the "read" side is overwhelmed by search requests currently, and when trying to re-index from it it rejects the queries the destination cluster is performing.

Do you have ongoing queries being served by the remote cluster? Are they at a high volume?

In regard to your previous question about wildcard indices, you can try re-indexing a single index at a time so that the query strain is not as high on the remote cluster side.

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