How to use custom grok pattern for syslog input


I listening to the port 31230 to get syslogs from a router. The logs are coming in but it doesnt use my grok filter. Kibana uses some default index pattern for syslogs.

input {
syslog {
            type => "syslog"
            port => 31230
filter {

        break_on_match => false
        pattern_definitions => { "mssg"      => "((Msg|message|Message|message1|message2|Message1|Message2) [=])"
                                 "nhchg"     => "%{WORD} -> %{WORD}"
                                 "debug"  => "NDP-DBG"
        match => {
                "message" => ["%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:timestamp} %{WORD:node}:%{WORD:program}:%{INT:pid} %{WORD:tracetype}.*%{mssg} \"%{GREEDYDATA:Message}\""]
                "Message" => ["%{debug:NDPdebug}:%{DATA:function}:%{INT:line}:: %{GREEDYDATA:msg}", "NexthopId %{WORD:nexthop_id}", "state %{WORD:state}", "event %{WORD:event}", "Prefix %{DATA:prefix}/", "NhType_change %{nhchg:nhtype_change}"]

There is no error in the configuration. I have tried running it by getting input from a file.

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