How to use GROK pattern for JSON Object

Hi Folks,

I want to apply grok for one JSON object[field] and extract values from the field.

Sample Json Message:

{"event.created":"1537941675000","isoTimeFormat":"yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ","event.payload":"dstintf=\"port3\" profiletype=\"applist\" proto=6 service=\"HTTP\" policyid=959 applist=\"Web_AppCtrl_Profile\" action=\"pass\" msg=\"Update: Root.Certificate.URL,\" ","host":"","event.category":"System","destination.PostNATport":"0", "device.type":"firewall"}

I am already parsing "event.category, host, event.created, destination.PosyNATport" fields using "json" filter plugin in logstash.

But, Now i want to apply "grok pattern" to json object "event.payload" to parse "service & action etc".

I dont know how to form syntax to achieve above use case in logstash.

Is it possible to achieve or is there any other way to accomplish.?


While doable it is not advised. You should use the json filter - it is designed to do just that. You can remove any fields that you do not want.

I am already using JSON filter in my logstash to parse other fields such as

But now i want to extract service=\"HTTP\" in "event.payload" json object.

Use a kv filter.

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