How to use multiple filter files in logstash-filter-verifier command

I am using logstash-filter-verifier to execute my test cases for testing various logstash pipelines. From the git documentation I can see the command that will be used to run those test cases

$ path/to/logstash-filter-verifier path/to/syslog.json path/to/filters

But I have a problem. I have multiple filters in different files. Now my question is how can I pass several filenames that consists of filters in this command. Kindly please guide me in this regard. With one file that contains filters this command is working.

When i give only folder path that contains my filters it throws the error

An error occurred while setting up the Logstash environment: Failed to remove the input and output sections: /tmp/760156742/pipeline.d/.DS_Store:1:1 (0): no match found, expected: "#", "filter", "input", "output", [ \t\r\n] or EOF

But when I append the name of a particular file that contains my filter the command is running. Kindly guide me.

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