How to use PagerDuty plugin to insert data into pagerduty payload

I am trying to send data to PageDuty side using PagerDuty plugin in Logstash output plugin.
I want to insert data into the "payload" field of PagerDuty, but when I use the PagerDuty plugin, the data goes into the "details" field.
Is there any way to insert data into "payload"?
(logstash outputplugins 8.6)

I haven't used PageDuty and don't have .conf which you are using.

Have you tried to use rename or copy:
mutate { copy => { "details" => "payload" } }

I don't think so. The code has :details hardwired.

The pagerduty output plugin can transfer data assuming v1(,
but how should I modify the output plugin to specify a value for Pager v2( that has a payload part?

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