How to use ruby code to index some variable element from XML node

Hi expert,

I have used the logstash to parse some information with XML format, such like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<OMeS version="2.3">
  <PMSetup startTime="2018-03-09T07:50:00.000+01:00" interval="5">
      <MO dimension="network_element">
      <PMTarget measurementType="DBMEAS">
      ... ...
     ... ... 

I have used xml plugin to parsed them.

xml {
                        source => "message"
                        target => "parsed"

Then the parsed result such like this:

      "startTime": "2018-03-09T07:50:00.000+01:00",
      "interval": "5",
      "PMMOResult": [
          "MO": [
              "DN": [
              "dimension": "network_element"
          "PMTarget": [
              "measurementType": "DBMEAS",
              "M704B1C3": [
              "M704B1C2": [
              "M704B1C4": [
              "M704B1C1": [

Now my major work is want to add some indexes to use retrieve the xml data. such like this:

How can I use ruby to add these indexes to these points(which includes node name, node attribute and node text)?

I have tried to write some ruby codes such like this: but it doesn't work.

ruby { code => "
		rec = []

		pmMeasInfo = event['parsed']['PMSetup'][0]['PMMOResult']
		node = pmMeasInfo['MO']['DN'][0]
		pmType = pmMeasInfo['PMTarget'].attributes["measurementType"]

		pmMeasInfo.each do |m1|
			ValueType =
			pmValue = m1['PMtarget']

Would you please help us check it? thank you.

expert, would you please help me check this question? thank you.

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