How to use ruby script file with parameter?



sometimes I used ruby as logstash filter plugin - only the inline functionality until now. Additionally I have to admit, that I am not really fond of ruby.

Now I wanna outsource the code to a script file, but I do not understand the explanation at

I would like to do the following:

  • create a field which has the current timestamp as value and store it in the event
  • set a part of the name as variable (variable name)

Following ruby code snipped should work:"%Q").to_i    
event.set("[logstash][debug][" + name + "]",myTime )    

But I do not understand how to outsource this to a file and how to give the name as parameter.

Can anyone provide an example on this simple issue?

Thanks, Andreas

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From where would name come in your inline Ruby snippet?


its not done yet.

I am looking for a way to set this as parameter / argument when I call the script file inside the logstash filter clause.

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Did you look at the script_params option described in the documentation?


yes, but unfortunately I did not understand it. Maybe too few ruby knowledge...

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