How to use the jdbc_static plugin?


I did some tests with the jdbc_static plugin, and it is working fine, however it is not 100% clear to me how to use it in my pipelines.

Adding the jdbc_static block with loaders, local_db_objects and local_lookups in the configuration that will consume the lookup data, will not it load the memory every time a log/message arrives? That would be bad.

I'm assuming that the plugin is smart enough to load the data into memory when the first log/message is sent to the pipeline, and the following logs/messages won't load again, just consuming from memory. When the configured loader_schedule time is reached, then it will l load the data.

Is that right?


The answers to all of those questions (and more) is available in the plugin's documentation:

This filter works by fetching data from a remote database, caching it in a local, in-memory Apache Derby database, and using lookups to enrich events with data cached in the local database. You can set up the filter to load the remote data once (for static data), or you can schedule remote loading to run periodically (for data that needs to be refreshed).

-- JDBC Static Filter Documentation

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