How to work with event "message" in Java filter plugin?

I am developing a Java Filter Plugin to merge different CSVs, and as I'm trying to process them, I need to extract the message field (which contains the whole CSV line).
How am I supposed to do so using Java language?
The "message" field is the one I want to process later.

The filter method provided by Logstash is :

public Collection<Event> filter(Collection<Event> events, FilterMatchListener matchListener) {
    for (Event e : events) {
        Object f = e.getField(sourceField);
        if (f instanceof String) {
            e.setField(sourceField, StringUtils.reverse((String)f));
            **//Here I would implement logic to generate CSV files** 
    return events;

I am trying to do something like filewriter.write(messageField) and then I am planning on processing the new generated CSV files.

Thank you!

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