How to write a grpc agent for grpc applocation?

APM Server version:6.5.4

Hello, I want to deploy agent for my grpc application which write by c++, but I haven't found an agent about grpc in the official agent, so I want to write an agent that can be used in grpc application. Is there any way to help me write this agent? Thank you very much!

Hi @GavinW, welcome to the forum!

You could take a look at the Intake API, which describes the JSON Schema for the events that an agent sends. Once you have the basic C++ agent implemented, you should implement a gRPC Interceptor to start a transaction for each request. If you're familiar with the Go programming language, then you may find apmgrpc useful as a reference for the interceptor.

If you're familiar with another language which we support, it would probably be useful to use another agent as a reference to get you started; they're all open source and on GitHub. We'll be looking at introducing more documentation later to guide agent development.

Thank you very much for your advice and support.

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