How to write more than one multiline patterns for two different type of Logs

I need to ship logs of my tomcat alongs with my applications logs.
My application logs and tomcat logs are of different time stamp, There fore I need to write more that one multiline patterns in the filebeat prospector.

How could I ship logs from the same filebeat to logstash.

Any suggestion would be helpful.


I have never tried,
But you can have multiple patterns on the ingestion pipelines.
For example, existing Apache pipeline does it:

But multiline setting have to be defined on the filebeat side. For that, I guess you will need to find settings, which works for both App and Tomcat

Hi thanks for the response, but I am comfortable on the ingestion side, i am facing blocker on the filebeat side, if i could add mulitple multiline pattern. ;(

Any example of the same would be much appreciable.

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