How we can handle multiline log at filebeat level?

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I want to handle multi line logs at filebeat level. I have 4 type multiline logs. How we can handle all of them with filebeat. I know how we can manage single type of multiline logs. e.g

As per below example my multiline log started [. But how we can manage multiple type of multiline logs?

    pattern: '^\['
    negate:  true
    match:   after

If every log file will only use one type of multiline log, the recommended way of doing it would be to declare multiple inputs of type log, each with different multiline settings and reading from different files.

If a single log file can have more than one type of multiline, it is only possible if each multiline can be defined with the same settings (negate and match) and the patterns can be merged into one without creating conflicts.

For example if your multilines can start with the '[' character or with the '(' character, you can do:

    pattern: ^[[(]
    negate: true
    match: after

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