Hsbeat: how to map the fields to what their represent


I'm using hsbeat and it is fantastic.
However I have a hard time matching the field names to what they represent.
For example from the visualization I can say that the "hotspot.hsperfdata.sun/gc/generation/1/space/0/used " is "Old Usage".

Would you please kindly let me know if there is a way to find these mappings?
I know the name of the fields I want to use like (PU Permanent space utilization, S0U Survivor space 0 utilization) but I don't know how to map them to the fields from hsbeat.

Thanks a lot,


I've found the answer to this question.
Any field that ends with /name is showing the name of that field.
Since the value of these fields never changes, it will send them once in the beginning.

Here are the mappings:
"java/property/java/vm/name": "Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM",
"java/property/java/vm/specification/name": "Java Virtual Machine Specification",
"sun/gc/collector/0/name": "PSScavenge",
"sun/gc/collector/1/name": "PSParallelCompact",
"sun/gc/generation/0/name": "new",
"sun/gc/generation/0/space/0/name": "eden",
"sun/gc/generation/0/space/1/name": "s0",
"sun/gc/generation/0/space/2/name": "s1"
"sun/gc/generation/1/name": "old",
"sun/gc/generation/1/space/0/name": "old",
"sun/gc/generation/2/name": "perm",
"sun/gc/generation/2/space/0/name": "perm",
"sun/gc/policy/name": "ParScav:MSC",

Java 7
-gc Option
Garbage-collected heap statistics
Column Description

  • S0C Current survivor space 0 capacity (KB).
    ** sun/gc/generation/0/space/1/capacity
  • S1C Current survivor space 1 capacity (KB).
    ** sun/gc/generation/0/space/2/capacity
  • S0U Survivor space 0 utilization (KB).
    ** sun/gc/generation/0/space/1/used
  • S1U Survivor space 1 utilization (KB).
    ** sun/gc/generation/0/space/2/used
  • EC Current eden space capacity (KB).
    ** sun/gc/generation/0/space/0/capacity
  • EU Eden space utilization (KB).
    ** sun/gc/generation/0/space/0/used
  • OC Current old space capacity (KB).
    ** sun/gc/generation/1/space/0/capacity
  • OU Old space utilization (KB).
    ** sun/gc/generation/1/space/0/used
  • PC Current permanent space capacity (KB).
    ** sun/gc/generation/2/space/0/capacity
  • PU Permanent space utilization (KB).
    ** sun/gc/generation/2/space/0/used