HTTP and JDBC connectionPool Stats

I would like to know if java apm agent supports/captures http and jdbc connection pool metrics for application running on websphere Liberty or tomcat container. Please advise.

Kibana version:6.7

Elasticsearch version:6.7

APM Server version:6.6

APM Agent language and version:Java APM agent v1.4.0


Hi and welcome to the forum :tada:

Currently that is not supported. We have an open issue about capturing for JMX metrics:

If your application server and connection pool (which one are you using?) publish JMX metrics, you will be able to configure that those metrics should be captured by the agent.

Feel free to upvote that issue.


Thanks for the response Felix.
Can you tell if HTTP and JDBC connectionpool stats will be part of a future java-apm release ?


Your best bet would be to create a feature request in the GitHub repo. I think it would be a great feature to have out-of-the-box.

Will do. Thank You

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