Http input response headers

I'm using Logstash to receive an http input from a plugin on Kibana and then it pushes it to an http output to Jira to make a ticket. I'm doing this to avoid CORS restrictions on Chrome because I can't make POSTs to Jira from Chrome directly, but I can from my local machine.

The http output gives a response header of the Jira ticket and status code when I send out a POST to Jira from Logstash. It would be useful however if I could get a response header when the initial Http input is POSTed so the user trying to make the ticket could see the name of the ticket he/she just created.

Does anyone know how to do that with the response_headers config option in the Logstash http input plugin? Or is there another alternative?

Thanks in advance!

No, this isn't possible. The http input responds to the user before the http output even sees the event.

Ok thanks.

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