Http://localhost:9200/packetbeat-*/ empty


I have setup ELK windows 10 and trying to retrieve IIS logs through packetbeat => ES => Kibana.
However stuck up by this

Thanks in advance

I think we need a bit more details here:

  • Packetbeat: Config, logs, setup, version
  • ES / Kibana: Version

Hi Rufin,

Thanks for your reply.. I tried in two set of versions

  1. Elasticsearch 5.4.0, Kibana 5.4.0, packetbeat 5.4.0
  2. Elasticsearch 2.3.3, Kibana , packetbeat

and both I used the default config settings. seems no errors logged

I made with a filebeat / logstash (grok) / ES

It's Works and its more flexible

Why do you use packetbeat instead of filebeat for the logs?

Hello Dears,

I used packetbeat to trace IIS & got the output as

I used filebeat to trace IIS log & the output is as below

  1. Is there a possibility to get full IIS detail in filebeat.. Please let me know, how to do that
  2. or how to setup packebeat to trace IIS logs (I did somehow, but didn't working again)


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