Httpjson input broke in 7.7

Since 7.7, the httpjson input has issues with the json_objects_array option - if that option is set, filebeat faults with ERROR [httpjson] httpjson/input.go:123 key not found. I've prepared a docker-compose setup to make reproducing easy:

Consider this JSON response:

"response": [
        "name": "object1"
        "name": "object2"

Setting json_objects_array to "response" should result in two events being produced. This works in 7.6 (you can confirm by changing the 7.7.0 in my docker-compose.yml to 7.6.0). In 7.7.0, filebeat errors out instead.
It might be related to the new pagination feature. I've tried disabling it with pagination.enabled: false, but that doesn't help.


yes, there is something wrong, we opened a bug issue here:



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