HttpProf not works

I start the fileBeat like this:
./filebeat -c DataCenterCollecterAgent.yml -httpprof
I use command to get FileBeat info like this:
curl http:
It returns:
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 60000: Connection refused

And i found that the 60000 port is not listend, please help me to figure out why.

You have it listening on 6000 but are attempting to connect to 60000.

I use -httpprof not -httpprof

What version of Filebeat are you running and what OS?

When filebeat is running can you please use sudo netstat -anp | grep 60000 and share the output.

os: centos 7
fileBeat: 5.4.3
When i run the command : sudo netstat -anp | grep 60000
it shows nothing.......
But filebeat is functioning well now

Can you add -d "*" to the flags used to start filebeat. Are there any errors in the Filebeat log file? Anything related to 60000?

Nothing errors found in filebeats log and no program related to port 60000
I will true -d "*"

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