I can not set up the agent with application servers

Kibana version:7.6.2

Elasticsearch version:7.6.2

APM Server version:7.6.2

APM Agent language and version:elastic-apm-agent-1.15.0.jar

Browser version: google

**Original install method: repository for APT "apt-get install apm-server"

Description of the problem including expected versus actual behavior. Please include screenshots (if relevant):
Hi all:
I've been trying to install APM Java agent, everything goes great until this part:

I don't know where I have to set required service name; but actually if I ignore that step and continue I have this error where I don't know what I have to put in the last instruction.

I hope you can help me please!

The java -javaagent:... command in step 5 is a template. You will need to adapt it to your application:

  • Change "-javaagent:/path/to/elastic-apm-agent-1.15.0.jar" to the location of the agent jar, which you downloaded in step 4.
  • Change "my-application.jar" to the jar for your application. This assumes that you're directly running the application with java -jar.

You can find more detailed instructions for setting up the Java agent at https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/apm/agent/java/current/setup.html.

Thank you very much, you really help me!

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