I don't see my index in index management

Hello, I'm trying to send data from a CSV file to Elasticsearch using Logstash. I have configured my input, filter, and output, but I cannot find my index in Elasticsearch. I have the impression that Logstash is not processing the content of my .conf file.
Can someone help me please?

I moved your question to #elastic-stack:logstash.

I think you should provide:

  • Logstash logs
  • Your pipeline
  • May be add a stdout output plugin to debug more

Hello here is my stdout output plugin
A simple output which prints to the STDOUT of the shell running

Logstash. This output can be quite convenient when debugging

plugin configurations, by allowing instant access to the event

data after it has passed through the inputs and filters.

For example, the following output configuration, in conjunction with the

Logstash -e command-line flag, will allow you to see the results

of your event pipeline for quick iteration.


output {

stdout {}


Useful codecs include:

plain: outputs event data with no delimiting between events


output {

stdout { codec => plain }


json: outputs event data in structured JSON format


output {

stdout { codec => json }


class LogStash::Outputs::Stdout < LogStash::Outputs::Base
config_name "stdout"
concurrency :single

default :codec, "rubydebug"

def register; end # must be overriden

def multi_receive_encoded(encoded)
encoded.each do |event,data|

end # class LogStash::Outputs::Stdout

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