I get XML elements back when using xpath

when using XPATH to parse my XML file, i get the correct field but in the content I also get the element name back, what I dont want.
What I need to change?

My XML looks like this:


My config looks like this:

xpath => [

My output:

field: CVSS3_Base_Score       content: <CVSS_BASE>5</CVSS_BASE>
field: CVSS_Temporal_Score    content: <CVSS_TEMPORAL>3.7</CVSS_TEMPORAL> 

When I'm using the filter

store_xml => "true"

I get the following output:

    "CVSS_BASE": [

edited to:

xpath => [
    "/VULN/CVSS_SCORE/CVSS_BASE/text()", "CVSS_Base_Score",
    "/VULN/CVSS_SCORE/CVSS_TEMPORAL/text()", "CVSS_Temporal_Score"

will help

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