I have a older version of Logstash 7.16.2 , is there a output plugin for email. i dont see it for 7.16.2 version

Hi Team,

I have an older version of logstash 7.16.2 and i need install an Email output plugin for it . Is there a plugin available for this version .

I see the 7.17.x versions have the output plugins. while i cannot find a plugin for 7.16.2 version .

can someone guide me on this

Did you change the Logstash version in the documentation page?

This plugin is builtin in Logstash, no need to install it, and it is available on 7.16.

You just need to configure the output.

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thank you for the quick reply. i will go ahead and configure it.


I have configured it and i am getting a email output. but now i have around 15 to 20 urls. so how would i get a email message for the url which is not responding.

I have in the output hardcoded the msg and body.. but how could i pass the parameters.. so it knows which url event as triggered and that email with the url is sent

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